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Personal choice and empowerment

Posted on September 26, 2017

A Diverse and Welcoming Support Community

Rob Freundlich, SMART Recovery Meeting Facilitator

When I recognized and accepted my sex-related addiction in March 2015 (2 1/2 years ago), I started looking for resources to help in my recovery. I knew that in addition to a good therapist, I would need at least one good group. For various reasons, the 12-step approach didn’t appeal to me, so I looked for alternatives, and ended up finding SMART Recovery.

From the website, I learned that SMART emphasizes personal choice and empowerment, and uses a rational thought-based approach toward recovery It’s backed by scientific research and updated as new research and discoveries are made. On the site I also found a lot of information about the organization, detailed information about the program (including “how-to” pages), and an amazing amount of reading material about addiction and recovery in general.

For a science-minded person like me, who’d always thought I was very logical and rational but was mystified and frustrated at how illogical, irrational, and powerless this addiction had made me, it seemed like a great fit. The only catch was that even though the site talked about addiction in general, the materials seemed to focus an awful lot on substance addiction (primarily drinking). Would I fit in?

More importantly, would I be welcome? At the time, I had a tremendous amount of shame – more than most people with addictions because mine was … you know … SEX!

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SMART: A Community of Volunteers

Posted on April 2, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Month
Join the Volunteer Team and Pay it Forward

Scholarships for Addiction Recovery Volunteer  TrainingSMART Recovery celebrates Volunteer Month in April of each year, as a way to recognize the efforts of its many dedicated volunteers.

SMART is a “volunteer organization” and the robust growth in meetings during the past year is a direct result of the enthusiastic efforts of its volunteers. They have done a terrific job. In the last year, the number of weekly SMART face-to-face meetings has grown by 35% and at SMART Recovery Online, 245 new “seats” have been added to the weekly meeting schedule.

During Volunteer Month, SMART not only celebrates its current volunteers, but also encourages others to join in, to help meet the growing demand for more SMART Recovery meetings throughout the world. Any volunteer at SMART Recovery will tell you that volunteering is a rewarding experience — and what better place to share your energy and expertise in all things recovery-related?!

Training Scholarships Available

Thanks to an anonymous donor, a number of Volunteer Training Scholarships are available during Volunteer Month for those who qualify for financial assistance to cover the cost of the SMART Recovery Facilitator and Support Team Distance Training (FAST Training).

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