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Crystallization Of Discontent

Motivation For Self-Change Pete Soderman, SMART Recovery® Facilitator Three-quarters of us who have abused or were dependent upon a substance or activity have either self-remitted or moderated to non-abusive levels, either completely on our own, or with minimal help. That we have done so without formal treatment or self-help programs has been well-established by the [...]

“Powerless No Longer”

Powerless No Longer, by Pete Soderman Reviewed by Bill Abbott, SMART Recovery Facilitator Pete Soderman, a SMART facilitator now living in Mexico, has written an excellent book that is of considerable interest to us all. The topic of recovery is a crowded field, but this book is a story of SMART Recovery, pure and simple. [...]

Success is a Journey

Why Set Goals? Peter Soderman, SMART Recovery® Facilitator, Mexico Most people understand that the best way to keep your vehicle headed straight on the highway is to focus your eyes on the furthest point you can see, and let your peripheral vision take care of what’s happening close to you. I was taught that simple [...]

Avoid the Rating Game

Self-worth Is Not a Variable Peter Soderman, SMART Recovery® Facilitator, Mexico Even more important to our emotional health than the language we use to describe everyday situations are the terms we use to characterize the most important person in our lives — ourselves. Every single day we use words like jerk, dope, fool, moron, and [...]

What We Can Learn, We Can Unlearn

Neuroplasticity And Addiction Recovery Peter Soderman, SMART Recovery® Facilitator, Mexico Our brains have the ability to rewire themselves, changing structurally and functionally, in response to changes in our environment and our experiences. For most of the twentieth century, the general consensus among neuroscientists was that the brain was relatively fixed and immutable after a certain [...]

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