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A Concrete Action Tool for Addiction Recovery

SMART Recovery Activities Scale (SRAS) – Part II Julie Myers, Psy.D. and Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D. In our previous blog post and in our recent podcast , we highlighted some of the important functions that the SRAS checklist can serve and ways that it can be used in the recovery process. In this post, we would [...]

10 Ways to Strengthen Addiction Recovery

The SMART Recovery Activities Scale (SRAS) – Part I Julie Myers, Psy.D. and Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D. In our recent podcast, we discussed the development of the SMART Recovery Activities Scale (SRAS) checklist and some of the ways Dr. Meichenbaum views checklists as part of the recovery process. The ideas presented in that podcast were valuable [...]

Webinar: Tracking Your Progress

“Checklists for Recovery” with CBT Founder Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D. and Julie Myers, Psy.D. Friday, May 10, 2013 5:00 pm EDT Webinar   The SMART Recovery approach to addiction recovery is based on SELF-Management. Effective management includes measuring progress. What better way to assess your personal progress with the SMART tools than to use the newest [...]

A Recovery Roadmap

A Roadmap to Resilience and Recovery ~Julie Myers, Psy.D., MSCP Recovery from substance abuse is a process unique to each individual. Despite those who believe otherwise, there is no single “right” path to recovery. Instead, each person has a unique set of challenges and must address those challenges uniquely. This is not to say that [...]

Can You Think Your Way Out of a Drink?

How “decision fatigue” can affect your recovery Julie Myers, Psy.D., MSCP Recent research on the topic of willpower shows that we, as human beings, have limited decision making capacity. That is, in any given day, we may simply run-out of the mental energy that is required to make decisions. Researcher Roy Baumeister, PhD calls this [...]

Stopping a Slip From Becoming a Relapse

Is Relapse Inevitable in Addiction Recovery? Julie Myers, Psy.D. For many with serious substance abuse problems, any drug or alcohol use can be problematic. These people must abstain. If they drink or drug again, they can slip into full-blown relapse, even after months or years of abstinence. For some, even a brief lapse may generate [...]

I Quit Using, So Why Don’t I Feel Happy?

How Drug Use Hijacks Our Response to Happiness Julie Myers, Psy.D. It’s not difficult to understand why someone, who is actively using drugs, may feel bored when he/she is not high. It is more difficult to understand why that person may continue to have difficulty enjoying activities once the drug is stopped. But this is [...]

Take Control of Your Cravings

Take the First Step to Take Control of Your Cravings by Julie Myers, PsyD Cravings are controlled by a variety of brain chemicals, including norepinephrine, dopamine, and glutamate. Many people describe their cravings as coming out of nowhere, as if these chemicals pop into their brains and create cravings spontaneously. These chemicals and the manifestations [...]

Building Confidence With SMART Recovery®

by Julie Myers, PsyD Sometimes, when you slip in your recovery, your confidence may slip with you. You may believe that you don’t know how to change your behaviors, that somehow the slip means that you are right back to square one. But is this a rational belief? Have you really forgotten all that you [...]

Journaling, the SMART Recovery® Way

by Julie Myers, PsyD Here are some thoughts about “journaling”, the SMART Recovery® way. Some people enjoy writing down their thoughts in a diary or journal. This can be cathartic, helping a person feel less alone. It may be a wonderful way to express gratitude, love, or to get perspective on one’s life. However, sometimes [...]

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