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A Mindful Approach to Addiction Recovery

Self-Management Begins with Intention -Charles A., SMART Recovery® Facilitator SMART Recovery is about actively managing your self and directing your actions. What do you intend to actively do today… or ‘NOW’… to manage your addiction recovery? We have the power of choice, but in order to realize this power, forming intentions and doing the work [...]

Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery

You Don’t Have to Become a Fitness Fanatic to See the Benefits ~Green-In-MI, SMART Recovery Online Member SMARTies who participate in SMART Recovery Online (SROL) will sooner or later hear me sing the praises of exercise as an integral part of recovery. For me, exercise is a valuable Vitally Absorbing Creative Interest (VACI) as well [...]

Identify & Overcome Your Procrastination Habits

Anti-Procrastination Workshop Series Led by Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed.D. Friday , July 1st at 7 PM EDT. Download Informational Flyer Intro Meeting, Part I Intro Meeting, Part II Wrap Up Meeting. Part I Wrap Up Meeting, Part II Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed.D., psychologist and renowned authority in the field of overcoming procrastination, will join SMART [...]

Working Toward Goals for Recovery

Goals are important for everyone. Thinking on and reviewing goals are important both before and after you quit using an addictive substance. What are goals? You can think of goals as being what you want. Generally your goals are happiness and survival. More specifically, you may want a better job or a happier marriage. When [...]

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