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REBT for People with Co-occurring Problems

Posted on July 12, 2011

Albert Ellis in the Wilds of Arizona
by Emmett Velten, PhD, & Patricia E. Penn, PhD
(with inspiration from the real Albert Ellis)
Professional Resource Press, 2010

Reviewed by A. Thomas Horvath, Ph.D.

REBTbyVeltenPerhaps you think Albert Ellis’ REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) involves the mindless but forceful repetition of a few simple concepts. This book should change your mind. REBT, presented by Velten and Penn as RAPT (Rational Assessment and Personalized Treatment), is capable of deeply responding to the complexities and nuances of life.

Just as medical illustrations can be a better teaching tool than actual photos, the authors’ constructed session ‘transcripts’ are an excellent tool for teaching the subtleties of REBT, particularly as applied to individuals with serious and combined substance and mental health problems. The transcripts are interspersed with highly helpful explanations of what is happening in the sessions and how it is being responded to.

The book is set as an imaginary visit to Arizona. Ellis visits several treatment settings and conducts ten demonstration sessions. Continue reading