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Navigating The Road To Recovery

How can you prevent relapse? Henry Steinberger, Ph.D. Relapse prevention is essential in recovery from chemical and behavioral addictions. Why? Because addiction has been found to reoccur more often when steps are not taken to cope with the cravings, urges, peer pressures, situational cues, bodily discomforts, neuro-biological changes, and other factors which pave the way [...]

Tackle Your Demand for Instant Gratification

I Want It, and I Want It Now! by Alina Boie, M.S. We live in a world full of instant self-gratification and we have little patience to wait or delay access to our “treats”. Almost everything nowadays is at a click of a button – literally! It is so difficult to say no to those [...]

You CAN Handle It!

Feed Your Frustration Intolerance Some Data by Malek Mneimne, M.A. Life is filled with constant adversities, challenges, and difficult situations. According to the A-B-C-D-E model of REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), “A” stands for adversity (or activating stimulus). Not everybody is faced with the same A’s or challenges in life, and we have varying views [...]

Coping With Discomfort

An Exercise For Building Urge Busting Muscle Discomfort is a fact of life. It is especially a fact of life when you have strong urges to engage in addictive behavior and you resist them. Part of the SMART program includes tools to cope with urges – below we’ve included an exercise that may help you [...]

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