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Stay Current and Sound SMART

Posted on July 26, 2011

Continuing Education Opportunities for SMART volunteers
John11, SMART Recovery® Tool Training Host and Message Board Volunteer

Online Volunteer Training

How do SMART Recovery® volunteers and facilitators ensure they are providing the highest level of help to other SMART members? One way is to stay current by taking refresher courses. In my career, construction, I am expected to hold several certifications: first aid, fall protection, WHMIS, operator’s ticket for forklifts and various machines. All these licenses are only valid for 2 to 5 years and require costly refresher courses and re-certification. Pilots have to take periodic check rides with a flight instructor to keep their licenses.

Fortunately for SMART facilitators, volunteers and anyone considering volunteering in the future, ongoing tool training discussions are provided online and free of charge. These discussions may also be of great interest to family & friends (CSOs) of those with addictive behaviour. The goal of these discussions is to keep volunteers informed and up to date on Rational Emotive Behavior Theory (REBT) principles and practices. Past topics have included:

    • Motivational interviewing
    • The CBA ( simple method of evaluating the pros and cons of a behaviour)
    • The ABC (behaviour chain tool) for urge coping & for managing emotional upsets
    • The Stages of Change

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Introducing SMART Recovery® Podcasts

Posted on April 26, 2011


SMART Recovery® is pleased to announce that podcasts of special events are now available for listening online.

Recently added:

    Robert J. Meyers, Ph.D., “Support For A Loved One With Addiction”Dr. Meyers speaks to the SMART community about an effective approach for influencing a loved one with addiction to seek treatment. Dr. Meyers is co-author of the book “Get Your Loved One Sober: Alternatives To Nagging, Pleading and Threatening” and the creator of the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) approach to family treatment.

    About CRAFT: CRAFT has been clinically tested and shown to be a highly effective alternative to Johnson Interventions.

    Ed Garcia, M.A., “The Anatomy of Emotions”

    Ed Garcia describes how we can manage emotions by focusing on and analyzing our thoughts and self-talk. We have the power to change self-defeating thoughts and self-talk, and Ed Garcia tells us how to do it.

    About Ed Garcia: Licensed social worker and Former Director of Training of the Albert Ellis Institute

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Guest Speaker: Robert J. Meyers, Ph.D.

Posted on April 5, 2011


Dr. Robert J. Meyers, creator of the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) treatment approach, long-term practitioner in the field of addiction recovery, and co-author of the book Get Your Loved One Sober: Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading and Threatening, will be a special Guest Speaker at the Monday, April 18th SMART Recovery online meeting for Family & Friends, 9:00pm-10:30pm est. Dr. Meyers will address topics related to CRAFT, as well as answer questions from the meeting participants.

Update: You can listen to the podcast of this event.

The SMART Recovery® Family & Friends meeting is designed for individuals who have a loved one with an addiction and offers a unique blend of weekly discussions in an interactive environment. The meetings use topics from Dr. Meyers’ book, CRAFT concepts, and SMART Recovery tools to assist Family & Friends. Our members frequently express enthusiasm and describe tangible results from using this approach.

From our message boards:

“So last night after a couple of hours (to let him sober up) we had a good talk. OMG CRAFT methods work!!! I am doing much better in how I approach these conversations, and can see that he is starting to get a glimmer of understanding that I’m coming from a place of love and not attacking him.”

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