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A Drug Policy for the 21st Century

Posted on May 8, 2012

2012 National Drug Control Strategy
Kathleen Sebelius, Eric Holder, Gil Kerlikowske

Reducing Drug Use In AmericaIllegal drugs not only harm a user’s mind and body, they devastate families, communities, and neighborhoods. They jeopardize public safety, prevent too many Americans from reaching their full potential, and place obstacles in the way of raising a healthy generation of young people.

To address these challenges, we are releasing the 2012 National Drug Control Strategy – the Obama Administration’s primary policy blueprint for reducing drug use and its consequences in America. The President’s inaugural National Drug Control Strategy, published in 2010, charted a new direction in our approach to drug policy. Today’s Strategy builds upon that approach, which is based on science, evidence, and research. Most important, it is based on the premise that drug addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that can be prevented and treated. Simply put, we are not powerless against the challenge of substance abuse – people can recover, and millions are in recovery. These individuals are our neighbors, friends and family members. They contribute to our communities, our workforce, our economy, and help make America stronger.

Decades of Research and Scientific Study

Our emphasis on addressing the drug problem through a public health approach is grounded in decades of research and scientific study. There is overwhelming evidence that drug prevention and treatment programs achieve meaningful results with significant long-term cost savings. Continue reading

Is Mandated 12-Step Attendance A Violation Of Your Constitutional Rights?

Posted on January 10, 2012

Choice In Recovery & The First Amendment:
A Resource For Criminal Justice Personnel And Other Stakeholders
by Claire Johnson Saénz, Esq.

Many Paths To Recovery

At SMART Recovery®, we believe that there is no right or wrong path to recovery, and that individuals seeking recovery have the highest chance of success when they have the opportunity to choose the pathway (or combination of pathways) that best suits them.

Therefore, it is a secondary mission of SMART Recovery® to support choice in recovery, and we are devoted to getting the word out about the variety of recovery options that exist today. As part of that mission, we want individuals in the judicial system and other government systems to be informed not only about the existence of a variety of recovery paths, but of their legal obligation to offer options to those they serve.

One important and ongoing development in this area is the growing number of courts which have declared that mandated attendance at 12-step programs (such as AA-Alcoholics Anonymous and NA-Narcotics Anonymous ), without providing the option of a non-faith-based alternative, violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution Continue reading