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Reflections from a SMART Volunteer

“I’m From” by Questor7, SMART Recovery Online Volunteer Listen to the audio version I’m from the 60s, from my old lady and my old man, from flower children, groovy, and “far out, man;” I’m from “you dig”, “coming down”, “I’m hip”, and meanwhile back at the ranch I’m from uppers and downers, and tripping and […]

Bibliotherapy (of Sorts) From Tom Sawyer

Ted Alston, SMART Recovery Volunteer Meeting Facilitator Recovery groups tend to recite quips. For instance, “It’s easy to quit. I’ve done it lots of times.” Mark Twain may have said this of smoking, but the occasion is obscure1,2. Whether or not that one is his, Twain (1835-1910) was a keen observer of humanity. Accordingly, he […]

Get Involved! Training Scholarships Available!

Make a difference As SMART Recovery enters its 20th year and continues to experience record growth, more and more people are “discovering the power of choice” and are eager to benefit from SMART’s 4-Point Program® to overcome addiction. SMART provides online meetings, a 24/7 chat room, message board forums plus over 1,000 face-to-face meetings worldwide […]

5 Alternatives to 12-step Meetings

Multiple Options for Addiction Recovery In the 1730s Native Americans organized the first abstinence-based recovery circles. Since that time, a variety of groups have come and gone, but the efficacy of self-help meetings for addiction recovery has been well researched and proven to be effective in many ways. In the 20th century the most well […]

5,000 Twitter Followers!!!

Three and a Half Years!

Personal Success “Gentoo” – SMART Recovery Online Meeting Facilitator “I got myself into this, and I wanted concrete, practical, science-based, proven information about how I could get myself out – and for good.” I just celebrated 3.5 years as a non-drinker with SMART Recovery peer support, particularly SMART Recovery Online. I drank heavily for decades. […]

Shattering Myths Surrounding Teen Drug Use

National Drug Facts Week, January 27 – February 2, 2014 By joining forces and bringing young adults and scientific experts together with a common goal, National Drug Facts Week aims to shatter the myths that surround teen drug use and underage drinking, and provides an invaluable opportunity for youth to find out the true facts.  […]

Spend the Holidays with SMART Online

SMART Recovery Online (SROL) and our UK online community will both be hosting safe and fun-filled meetings and holiday activities during the last week of December. Christmas and New Year’s can be challenging times for people in recovery; services are closed, family pressures pile up and for many, the holidays can be pretty lonely. Whether […]

Recovery Celebration, November 2th, 2013

Guest Speakers + International Online Auction = FUN! In celebration of the 15th anniversary of SMART Recovery Online (SROL), SMART Recovery® is hosting an annual fall FUNdraising event, featuring a line-up of outstanding speakers and a fabulous array of auction items donated by SMART Recovery volunteers and participants. Speakers include recovery experts, book authors, professors […]

2013 Volunteer Recognition

Annual Conference Recap The 2013 SMART Annual Conference was held in San Diego this year, at the beautiful Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn. The conference was well attended with many states and many countries represented: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Scotland and the USA. Attendees included members of the Board of Directors — President Tom Horvath, […]

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