New! Improved! Online “SMART Live” Meetings

Posted on January 2, 2017

New features now available in “SMART Live” online meetings!
~SMART Recovery Central Office

Over the past year, SMART has been debuting our new customized online meeting and chat platform – SMART Live.  Our new and improved meeting platform was generously funded by a grant from the Autumn Ridge Foundation.

We are pleased to announce new features that have been recently added.

Check out an online meeting!–  Visual Component: Online facilitators now have the ability to display SMART documents and worksheets such as the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA), the Change Plan Worksheet and many other SMART Recovery tools. Now people will have the added benefit of seeing  the tool while it’s being discussed.

–  Improved Group Interactivity: Online        facilitators are now able to enhance the interaction within the group via an onscreen whiteboard — they can use group input to demonstrate in a more effective way just how the  SMART tools are used. Facilitators can also promote group interaction using the “polling feature”.

We are excited that these new additional SMART Live features will improve the quality of the online meetings and encourage even more collaboration.  These new improvements will also help engage the meeting attendees more fully  attendees will not only hear/read the meeting content, but will have the advantage of viewing the tool or exercise within the meeting room and interacting with it as it is being demonstrated.

Facilitators are being trained this week, and you will start to see these new features activated in their meetings over the next few weeks.

You can download the Participant Guide for a quick peek at the new look, instructions for entering an online meeting and troubleshooting tips.

This was a major project taking an open-source software program and customizing it to SMART Recovery online needs.  A big thank you to the volunteers on the SMART Live team for bringing these exciting improvements to reality!