Help advance addiction science: an invitation

Posted on September 29, 2015


Have you attended a face-to-face SMART meeting in the past 30 days? If so, you can help advance the science of addiction – and earn $80 in Amazon gift certificates – by participating in an important online study funded by the National Institutes for Health.

Researchers have studied Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12-step groups for many years, but very little research has been conducted on effectiveness of the alternatives to 12-step groups that are available for addressing addiction issues. Findings from the Peer Alternatives for Addiction (PAL) Study will provide doctors, other clinicians and policy-makers with clear, evidence-based recommendations regarding which alternatives to AA (if any) are effective for individuals with alcohol and drug problems. Study results will help improve referral practices, and inform courts and other groups regarding available resources in addiction treatment.

Study start date is October 1st, 2015

All survey responses will be completely confidential.  Participants will receive Amazon gift cards in the amount of $80 for their participation.

To participate, you need to:

  • Have attended an in-person SMART Recovery meeting – OR an in-person meeting of LifeRing, Women for Sobriety, Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous within the past 30 days.
  • Be willing to take an online survey and able to read English.
  • Be over 18 years and a U.S. citizen.

Study start date is October 1st, 2015

To learn more about the study, and to participate, go to:


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