Webinar: Addiction Treatment for the 21st Century

Posted on May 12, 2015

May 16, 2015, 5:00 pm (edt)
Webinar: Stanton Peele on Addiction Treatment in the 21st Century

“Recovery is about purpose and meaning in life, not “sobriety” and meetings.” ~ Stanton Peele


Dr. Stanton Peele, author of Recover! Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with The Life Process Program will return to SMART Recovery to discuss “Recreating Addiction Treatment in the 21st Century” with Dr. Tom Horvath, President of SMART Recovery.

Saturday May 16, 2015 at 5 pm edt.

Advance registration is required for this event. Please visit www.smartrecovery.org/events

WebinarDr. Peele has devoted his career to providing people with facts about addiction, and salient approaches, for both individuals and policy, based on those facts. Dr. Peele’s point of view is global. His revolutionary framework encourages people to look at addiction recovery in the context of their lives, rather than limiting themselves to any single label. Join us on May 16 for a conversation led by Dr. Tom Horvath. Treatment of those with addictions is continually evolving. Choice and empowerment have become accepted wisdom as keys to personal change. This discussion will take a bold look into the future of addiction recovery treatment.

Stanton Peele, Ph.D., J.D. has been a pioneer in applying addiction beyond the area of drugs and alcohol, social-environmental causes of addiction, harm reduction, and self-cure of addiction. Dr. Peele has developed the online Life Process Addiction Program. His most recent book, with Ilse Thompson, is Recover! Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with The Life Process Program. Over the last 40 years he has authored twelve books and over 250 professional and popular articles. Recognition for his work includes the Mark Keller Award from the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Drug Policy Alliance. Dr. Peele lectures internationally on the meaning, treatment, and future of addiction. Additional information can be found at Dr. Peele’s website. You can also read more about his view of recovery on The Fix.

3 thoughts on “Webinar: Addiction Treatment for the 21st Century

  1. mark

    Check this out I’m five years clean and life is great! My sobriety is the main thing in my life, as of other things as well but keeping myself clean is one! The first step to addiction is to make the decision on your own to come clean and be sober for yourself, you need to able to tell yourself “hey its that time in my life where I need to come clean and live a normal life for myself”. The most important step to take is to come to terms with the fact that you have a drug addiction problem, its so important that you take that first step to the rest of your life, no matter how hard you think it is, your capable of beating this awful addiction to drugs or alcohol. We need to be able to take that first step to recovery and make a life changing step for us to become recovering drug addicts. Go to meetings if you find NA help or AA they could be something that could help you with your recovery, or there are programs that have a non religious approach like smart recovery and secular organizations for sobriety, that will help you get through your recovery process, its always important to have a sponsor or someone who will help you when things seem to pile up on your page, when things get hectic turn to your sponsor or if you don’t have a sponsor take long deep breathes and remember to keep strong or make a call to a treatment center hotline and ask for help when those cravings come. Relapse is a part of recovery, but that doesn’t just give you a pass to give up and relapse and start over whenever you want, it doesn’t work like. Sometimes the pressures of the world will put you in a corner and will make you feel tiny and a lot of people fall victim to that and relapse, its understanding because your fresh to the world and you just got yourself out of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center, things are gonna get hard, especially when I left my treatment center I feared my old friends and people I got high with would bring me down and Destroy my relapse and it happened four times on and off during my recovery stages of my addiction ! But like I said relapse is part of recovery bug not a excuse for it! We as addicts have to stay strong and talk amongst each other, that’s why I created this blog so recovering addicts could talk amongst themselves and find out different stories from other people, people were in the same position that you have been. Please feel free to tell your story on my page and you might help someone make the decision to expose their story or get some help. Let’s make a change people!

  2. Bliss F.

    I eagerly registered for this webinar but had an SOS duty so I missed it. Is there a site to see a podcast? I’d really like to hear the smarts and try to use them.

    Thanx much!

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