Shattering Myths Surrounding Teen Drug Use

Posted on January 21, 2014

National Drug Facts Week, January 27 – February 2, 2014

NIDA's National Drug Facts Week
By joining forces and bringing young adults and scientific experts together with a common goal, National Drug Facts Week aims to shatter the myths that surround teen drug use and underage drinking, and provides an invaluable opportunity for youth to find out the true facts.  The week will start with the seventh annual National Drug Facts Chat Day on January 28, 2014 to provide opportunities for teens  across the country to engage in meaningful conversation and receive honest and factual answers to their questions.  

About a third of high school seniors report using an illicit drug sometime in the past year; more than ten percent report nonmedical use of potentially addictive prescription painkillers; and more than twenty percent report smoking marijuana in the past month. Many teens are not aware of the risks to their health, to their success in school and the dangers while driving under the influence. When teens are given the scientific facts about drugs, they can be better prepared to make good decisions for themselves and they can share this information with others.

Balanced and evidence-based approaches are a key to reducing drug use in teens.  This free NIDA program, encourages science-based information sharing and empowers teens to “discover the power of choice.”  The online resources for National Drug Facts Week include multiple tools and innovative opportunities for young adults, and also parents, educators, and the community at large.

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