“Powerless No Longer”

Posted on January 14, 2014

Powerless No Longer, by Pete Soderman
Reviewed by Bill Abbott, SMART Recovery Facilitator

Powerless No LongerPete Soderman, a SMART facilitator now living in Mexico, has written an excellent book that is of considerable interest to us all. The topic of recovery is a crowded field, but this book is a story of SMART Recovery, pure and simple.

Pete writes with an easy style that makes it very readable. He has personal experience with recovery. Although he started in a 12-step program, he later found SMART, became enthusiastic, then became a facilitator, first in North Carolina and, after retirement, in a small town in Mexico.

His book starts with an autobiography, then proceeds to a nice discussion of recovery, including natural recovery — doing it on your own without help. Following that is a discussion of some of the science involved.

He writes in detail about how SMART works and how to use the tools in a series of chapters, each devoted to SMART’s 4-Point Program® and the Stages of Change.

This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the SMART Recovery program, even for those who don’t need it personally. I recommend it for newcomers to SMART as a supplement to the SMART Handbook, but it was even of considerable interest and enjoyment to me, a virtual old timer!

About the Reviewer: Bill Abbott is an active volunteer with SMART Recovery. He facilitates both face-to-face and online recovery meetings, in addition to facilitating SMART meetings for Family & Friends.

About “Powerless No Longer,”: This book is available from Amazon.com in both printed and electronic formats, and will soon be available as an audiobook.

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  1. J.J.

    I have the SMART handbook and it’s great! I can’t seem to get enough of SMART, such a refreshing (and helpful!) change from what I’ve been exposed to up ’til now. Have ordered this book and am really looking forward to reading it.

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