Posted on September 10, 2013

1000 SMART Recovery Meetings Worldwide

1000 SMART Recovery MeetingsOn August 30th, 2013, the total number of SMART Recovery meetings reached 1,000 worldwide, with the addition of a new meeting in Upland, California, facilitated by Mike Massey at the Inland Valley Recovery Center. Mike shares, “I became familiar with SMART Recovery after a 2 week rehab program at Reunion House, which I was attending for treatment of my alcohol and pain pill abuse. I’ve been free from my addictive behavior since February 20th, though I’d had many starts and stops through the years. I began participating in local and online meetings and decided that it’s time for me to help others – I’m a good communicator and I like helping people. I took the July SMART Distance Facilitator Training, and I feel honored to now be offering a meeting in Upland, California.”

Facilitator Training

All SMART Recovery meetings are facilitated by volunteers who have been trained via an interactive online (“distance”) training program. The training allows for both self-study to suit the individual’s schedule along with real-time group work. Information is available on the SMART website regarding resources provided to individuals who wish to start a meeting in their community or treatment facility.

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery meetings are interactive discussions focused on solutions, not problems. A variety of tools are provided within the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program® and ways of handling motivation, urges, emotional upsets, and strategies for developing lifestyle balance are discussed and then practiced by participants. Discussions and tools are aimed at helping individuals understand the connection between their beliefs, and the resulting actions and consequences. Participants learn to challenge and change unhelpful beliefs that lead to unwanted actions and negative consequences.

John M. of SMART Recovery New York City states, “Considering how much we pay for the necessities and luxuries of our ‘modern’ existence, it’s incredible that something as life-altering as SMART Recovery is free. And given the current economic situation, the need for it is greater than ever.”

In addition to the growing number of face-to-face community and treatment facility meetings, daily online meetings are also available.

Help Make a Difference

Every day we hear from people in remote locations and major metropolitan areas who desire to attend a local SMART Recovery® meeting. Are you one of these people? Please know that all are welcome to train to help facilitate SMART meetings including individuals who have struggled with addictions, treatment professionals, and anyone in the general public who has a desire to provide a helpful service to their community.

We believe that collectively we can meet the ever-growing demand for SMART Recovery® meetings. Join the team of volunteers who make those meetings possible.