Webinar: “Inside Rehab” with Anne Fletcher

Posted on February 19, 2013

February 22, 2013, 7pm EST


Inside Rehab with Anne FletcherAnne Fletcher is a trusted New York Times bestselling health and medical writer who is known for her skill at weaving together personal experiences with thoroughly researched, cutting edge information about health issues.  Anne has appeared on NPR,  CNN, and many commercial television “talk news” shows.   Her bestselling book Sober for Good is a favorite among SMART Recovery members.

Register today to attend the webinar on February 22 at 7pm est. Please register early, seating is limited. Anne will be discussing her findings regarding the options available for addiction recovery in the United States, as reported in her newly published book, INSIDE REHAB:The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment—and How to Get Help That Works.

About “Inside Rehab”

What happens inside drug and alcohol rehab centers and how rehab works has been a mystery to those outside the industry – and sometimes even to those inside it.  Anne’s book INSIDE REHAB: The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment—and How to Get Help That Works  is the first book to give readers a thoughtful and sensitive, yet no-holds-barred, insider’s view of drug and alcohol rehab. It focuses on real people whose stories illustrate the serious issues facing individuals in rehab and endemic in the rehab industry today. Some stories are disturbing while others are inspiring, as they provide an honest and critical look at the current state of the addiction treatment industry in the U.S., contrasting what goes on in rehab with what experts and scientific studies suggest should go on.  

Inside Rehab by Anne FletcherFor an on-site perspective, Fletcher personally made visits to 15 addiction treatment programs that opened their doors to her – including the famous celebrity rehab, Promises, in Malibu and renowned 12-step programs (both adult and adolescent sites); outpatient programs that treat indigent people; and several unconventional programs. Fletcher’s interviews with hundreds of rehab clients and staffers fill the pages, providing a close-up view of what really goes on in rehab. She shatters many long-held myths, including: “to recover from addictions, most people need to go to rehab”; “highly trained professionals provide most of the ‘treatment’ in addiction programs”; and “you shouldn’t use drugs to treat a drug addict.”

Anne also shares insights about how the rehab experience could be more effective, and highlights programs and practices that show us what treatment should look like. Her connections with leading experts doing cutting edge research on addiction treatment are evident throughout the book. Through the stories, descriptions of Fletcher’s rehab visits, and in-depth research, INSIDE REHAB explores the gap in addiction treatment between “best practice” and reality, and at the same time provides readers with practical solutions and thoughtful guidance about how to find quality care when it’s needed.

An Hour With Anne Fletcher

Register today for a SMART Webinar with Anne Fletcher: February 22nd, at 7:00 pm EST.

Copies of Inside Rehab are available for purchase through the SMART Recovery Amazon Gateway

2 thoughts on “Webinar: “Inside Rehab” with Anne Fletcher

  1. Kelly

    I have just started reading this book and it is shockingly accurate. I have worked in a D&A Treatment facility and it is shocking how egocentrically focused the organization was… it was about money, it was about the DOC, it was about who paid more…. it was not about the clients and what was best for them….. sad, in this war on drugs we are truly our own adversaries.

  2. Ashlee S.

    This looks like a really interesting look into Rehabs. Quite a battle raged in those places. I have been looking for a book about recovery, but not one that is about places to recover. Richar Quis has a workbook out, Thinking Anew: Harnessing the Power of Belief and it has been a real start up for me. It’s amazing the things you can find just by writing them down. Thanks for this post though, like I said before this might be a really interesting read!

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