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Don’t Miss a Thing!

Posted on August 28, 2012

Calendar Updates:
Important deadlines and upcoming events

SMART Recovery Events and Deadlines
August 30: Deadline for Early Registration for Annual Conference (registration fee increases from $125 to $150 after 8/30)

September 21-23: Annual Conference in Chicago

November 3: Join us to celebrate 15 years of SMART Online with an Online Auction and Guest Speakers.  Mark your calendar for this year’s line-up of recovery experts, book authors, professors & therapists scheduled to speak throughout the day.  More details will be posted as they become available. Continue reading

Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders from a SMART Recovery Perspective

Posted on August 21, 2012

A Manual for Group Therapists
Bob Keim, SMART Recovery Facilitator

Addiction and Co-occuring Disorders

When I saw this manual announced by SMART Recovery, I thought that it would be very appropriate for my use so I agreed to review it. I have used it for six months so now is an appropriate time to rate it.

Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center is a locked mental health treatment center where people are committed with a primary diagnosis of mental illness. Recently we have expanded to treating co-occurring substance abuse also. The majority of our patients have such dual diagnoses. The book claims to help professionals without specific substance abuse training lead SMART Recovery groups for people with co-occurring disorders. My recent professional training was in chaplaincy and I have no experience in recovery. At the time that I got this book I was facilitating a SMART group at our hospital. I had gone through the online training in 2010 and started the group in December 2010. The group was going well, but I thought that I could use some new ideas especially related to our dual diagnosis clients as the SMART training assumes healthy clients. Continue reading

Tools for Self-Help

Posted on August 14, 2012

Do you talk about your problems but fail to change?

Change Takes WorkYou may hear us say that in order to get better you’d better do the ABCs and Dispute your irrational Beliefs. But, you don’t. Instead, you talk about your problems, or just listen to others, and fail to change. That’s because little change occurs through “getting it out” and gaining in awareness. Most gain occurs through work.

Consider this. What would you think of a lady who wants to increase her athletic abilities, and she reads books about it, talks things over with a personal trainer, and then does nothing with what she’s learned? Would that work? You know it wouldn’t. Then, let’s think further. Why do you hesitate to do the ABCs and Dispute your irrational thinking? Continue reading

The REBT Super-Activity Guide

Posted on August 7, 2012

REBT guide useful in meetings or on your own
Ana Troncoso – Meeting Facilitator, Phoenix, AZ

REBT Super-Activity GuideDr. Pamela D. Garcy’s book, The REBT Super-Activity Guide: 52 Weeks of REBT, promises “success strategies to help you shift out of unhealthy emotions and into action,” and it largely delivers.

To apply the exercises from the workbook in several settings, I used the book both as a resource for techniques that could be introduced during SMART Recovery® (SMART) meetings, and as a tool for things I could do on my own, at home, in a less formal setting.

While the book’s intended audience is wide, it may be overwhelming for someone trying to do this type of therapeutic work on their own. I think the individual who already has a strong base in the concepts of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) may appreciate this book the most. Someone who is receiving some type of formal guidance as they learn about the REBT approach will also probably get the most benefit from the book.

The book is thoughtfully organized. Dr. Garcy mentions that it can be read in order or by skipping around. Because I was often looking for strategies that fit a particular situation, I skipped around, using the table of contents as my primary roadmap. The table of contents is a resource in and of itself; I frequently found myself scanning it just to get a quick REBT primer. Continue reading