You’ve Been Lied To

Posted on April 3, 2012

The UNTOLD Truth About Mainstream Alcohol and Addiction Treatment Programs and the SECRETS on How to Eliminate the Problem for Good
by Hank Hayes

Ashley E. Phillips, SMART Recovery Volunteer

Personal accounts of struggles with addiction abound–Hank Hayes’ book is a bit different because it emphasizes a new, solution oriented approach, rather than focusing on the problem of alcohol abuse.

Hayes lets the reader know from the start that his experience with 12-step recovery was ultimately not successful, although I must say he seems to have given it his very best effort. The 12-step approach to overcoming addiction is the one most mainstream Americans are familiar with, and an approach that works for many, but not for all.

In clear, plain language, Hayes critiques the 12-step method from his perspective. Many people will relate to his story and his frustrations.
Happily, he found an alternative recovery approach that did work for him and he not only shares it (SMART Recovery, a program based on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy–REBT) but he also presents his own set of guidelines for achieving addiction-free health and lifestyle balance during recovery and in post addiction life.

Arguing that people need to “take 100% responsibility for the life you want,” he gently guides the reader through the development of a plan for overcoming one’s addiction by replacing the addiction with clarity of thought and responsible choices. Based on his experience as a contractor with the military, Hayes shines his personal light on effective strategies for building, achieving, and maintaining physical, emotional and relationship health. His ideas on diet and exercise are specific and helpful. The questions he raises allow the readers to develop their own answers, and in so doing are empowering.

This book offers an honest, realistic, man on the street success story. Instead of accepting defeat because the widely accepted 12-step methods didn’t work for him, Hayes continued to diligently work on finding a solution that did work for him and may work for you or your loved one.

This is worth a read–and his chapter on alternative resources is great!

Some people may choose to focus on Hayes’ disenchantment with AA. There are many terrific resources about how to work a 12-step program if that is what you are looking for.

This book offers new solutions to an audience of people and families who are struggling with addiction. I found this down to earth, free wheeling personal account inspiring and I recommend it.

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  2. a7u

    “…continued to diligently work on finding a solution that did work for him…”

    I was bereft of hope through all the years that it seemed AA was the only program. But I wanted to save myself and kept scratching for a solution. Once I found a sane and sensible approach – SMART – I was able to start meaningful, constructive work. I have now been sober over 6 years.

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