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Living Life Is An Art: April 12, 2012

Online SMART Event: The Art of Living An Exploration of Life Choices in Addiction Recovery With Ed Garcia, CSW Thursday, April 12, 2012, 8pm edt Download: Printable Flyer Living life is an art. Our life experiences are both bright and dark, much like the colors in a painting. Though the primary colors may be the [...]

Recovery Resource Guide

“AA: Not The Only Way–Your One Stop Resource Guide to 12-Step Alternatives” (2nd Edition) by Melanie Solomon -Richard Ceranek, SMART Recovery® Volunteer This book is the best, perhaps the only, work that pulls together in one small volume most, perhaps all, of the many treatment programs and self-help addiction recovery groups available to the one [...]

ABCs With JvB

Use Logic and Reason to Change Addictive Behavior Jonathan von Breton, LCMHC, LCDP There is a very helpful addiction recovery tool that can change the way that you think about drugs and alcohol. It is called the ABC Tool and it is used in SMART Recovery®. The underlying assumption of the ABC Tool is that [...]

Private, Convenient, Online Recovery Support

Access addiction recovery support from home -Dolores Cloward, SMART Recovery® Volunteer If you are looking for help with addiction recovery, whether it’s addiction to substances or addiction to behaviors, SMART Recovery Online is a wonderful place to start. The program is science-based and evidence-based, incorporating scientific best practices in psychology today. Here, you can find [...]

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