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Combatting Procrastination

Understanding, Identifying and Correcting Procrastination Habits Watch Part I Watch Part II One of the greatest traps for a person trying to overcome an addictive behavior is procrastination. SMART Recovery and Dr. Bill Knaus are pleased to jointly announce their new video presentation: Combatting Procrastination. The video is now available on SMART’s YouTube channel. The [...]

Navigating The Road To Recovery

How can you prevent relapse? Henry Steinberger, Ph.D. Relapse prevention is essential in recovery from chemical and behavioral addictions. Why? Because addiction has been found to reoccur more often when steps are not taken to cope with the cravings, urges, peer pressures, situational cues, bodily discomforts, neuro-biological changes, and other factors which pave the way [...]

Can You Quit Smoking?

So, what’s your motivation to stop smoking? Sometimes it comes more from the outside than within – perhaps from a doctor, a partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, or parent. But without being personally motivated, your likelihood of successfully stopping smoking is low. So how can you get and stay motivated? We think that some of the techniques [...]

Is Mandated 12-Step Attendance A Violation Of Your Constitutional Rights?

Choice In Recovery & The First Amendment: A Resource For Criminal Justice Personnel And Other Stakeholders by Claire Johnson Saénz, Esq. Many Paths To Recovery At SMART Recovery®, we believe that there is no right or wrong path to recovery, and that individuals seeking recovery have the highest chance of success when they have the [...]

What Happens At SMART Recovery® Meetings?

by Patrick Garnett, Facilitator, SMART Recovery Chicago Maybe you are reading this article because you feel you may have an issue using illegal or legal drugs, with drinking, or with another type of behavior, such as gambling. While you may have thought about seeking a support group, you are hesitant to go because you don’t [...]

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