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Building Confidence With SMART Recovery®

by Julie Myers, PsyD Sometimes, when you slip in your recovery, your confidence may slip with you. You may believe that you don’t know how to change your behaviors, that somehow the slip means that you are right back to square one. But is this a rational belief? Have you really forgotten all that you [...]

Journaling, the SMART Recovery® Way

by Julie Myers, PsyD Here are some thoughts about “journaling”, the SMART Recovery® way. Some people enjoy writing down their thoughts in a diary or journal. This can be cathartic, helping a person feel less alone. It may be a wonderful way to express gratitude, love, or to get perspective on one’s life. However, sometimes [...]

A Court-Ordered Recovery Journey

Support is available for those who struggle with alcohol Clarence L. Hinman II, Bay City, MI Social drinking has been a way of life for me since the age of 17. Of course, this progressed to everyday drinking in my 20s and 30s, leading me to quit at age 40 in 2000. In 2002, I [...]

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