Participants Wanted For Scientific Study

Posted on September 21, 2011

Study To Determine Effectiveness Of “Overcoming Addictions”
(Web-Based Program)

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SMART Recovery has been working with Reid K. Hester, Ph.D. Director, Research Division, Behavior Therapy Associates, LLP, to create a new web-based program: “Overcoming Addictions”.

We are now seeking new (one month or less) SMART Recovery participants to enroll in the clinical trial (the scientific test to determine how effective the program is, funded by NIAAA).

You may benefit in two ways:

    1. You may learn how to achieve and maintain abstinence from drinking and

    2. You may get support from others in SMART Recovery that could help with your recovery.

We will also reimburse you for your time to collect outcome data for the study.

To determine if you are eligible to participate, please review the inclusion and exclusion critera:

Don’t miss your chance to contribute to this important scientific research on addiction recovery. The number of participants who will be accepted into the trial is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

11 thoughts on “Participants Wanted For Scientific Study

  1. Alcohol Addict

    Just wondering if you could explain the difference between an alcoholic and a drug addict. If alcohol is not a drug, then what is it? Also, “using, misusing and abusing drugs won’t exclude you”, so does that mean as long as the program helps someone recover from alcohol addiction, its “ok” to abuse crack or heroine, so long as its “abuse” is not diagnosed as “dependence”?

    I am confused and concerned at Rational Recovery’s retrospective distinction between alcohol and drugs as two distinct problems that should be treated differently. I was excited to find a program that seemed to pride itself on being ‘up-to-date’ on a scientific and modern approach to recovery, and this seems counterproductive. I hate to say it but even NA has acknowledged the fact that alcohol is in fact, a drug. Medical doctrines have removed “alcoholic” from medical diagnosis and replaced with “alcohol addiction” or “alcohol dependence”.

    Saying “Alcohol and drugs” makes as much sense as saying “Cocaine and drugs” or “Heroin and drugs”. Until this is widely accepted we are going to continue wasting time on semantics and need to accept what has been known medically for over a decade now.

  2. cb

    Interested in joining your study – alcohol is the primary focus and I seem to meet your criteria – face to face meetings are available in the Portland area – what is the next step??

  3. Lizabeth Koniecki

    Hello, I am currently in a 12 step program, but my friend and I aren’t very happy with 1) the people or the 2) attitude so I found it very refreshing when another friend told me she had just arrived at her first Smart Recovery meeting at a local building! I am so pleased they are now able to be gone to so readily for myself and others who experience the previous, as well as other issues with the 12 step programs. Thank you for the Facilitators who bring the meetings to us, you are special people, maybe one day we can do the same! Thanks, Smart Recovery! Lizabeth K. p.s, I and my friend will be at the next meeting this Friday!

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Lizabeth:

      Volunteering for SMART is a great way to “pay it back” and one that many of us enjoy.

      Delighted to hear that you’re already thinking of starting your own meeting some day! When you’re ready, here’s a link to some more information on our facilitator training:

      In the meantime, I am glad to hear that there is a face to face meeting in your area. We also offer daily online text and voice meetings, a message board and 24/7 chat, all available at

      And….if you meet the qualifications for the study described in the link from the blog post, you may wish to pursue participation in the clinical trial.

      Very glad you found us!

  4. KB

    Inquiring because of my nephew. He has had a relapse (pills, muscle relaxants since about 9/1 after a traumatic breakup). He says he wants help. This sounds perfect for him but before I let him know about it, will he have to attend meetings here in Houston? I looked up the meetings and they are an hour away from us (we live in the Clear Lake area of Houston, far south.)(77058)He does not have transportation of his own.

    Also, is he asked not to attend AA meetings during the study? He started back attending today, but I am not convinced that AA is the kind of program he needs.

    1. DocReidHester

      Hi KB,
      Thanks for your interest in our study for your nephew. Details of the study are here: We’re looking for people whose primary focus is alcohol though so it doesn’t seem that he’d meet the study’s inclusion requirements.

      In addition to the face-to-face meetings in Clear Lake, he might want to consider the online meetings that SMART offers at and its forum at

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