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What Is A SMART Recovery® Meeting Like?

What To Expect At A SMART Meeting SMART Recovery is a self-empowerment program for people having problems with addictive behavior. We currently sponsor more than 600 face-to-face addiction recovery meetings around the world, and 18+ online meetings per week. When an individual in crisis seeks out a SMART meeting, or a professional refers someone to [...]

Leading a Balanced Life

Lifestyle Balance is critical to recovery – but how do we balance our lives? The fourth point of the SMART Recovery® 4-Point Program is to “balance momentary and enduring satisfactions.”  Of the four points, it is probably the one that gets discussed the least. This post will discuss the crucial role that Lifestyle Balance plays [...]

Identify & Overcome Your Procrastination Habits

Anti-Procrastination Workshop Series Led by Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed.D. Friday , July 1st at 7 PM EDT. Download Informational Flyer Intro Meeting, Part I Intro Meeting, Part II Wrap Up Meeting. Part I Wrap Up Meeting, Part II Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed.D., psychologist and renowned authority in the field of overcoming procrastination, will join SMART [...]

Coping With Discomfort

An Exercise For Building Urge Busting Muscle Discomfort is a fact of life. It is especially a fact of life when you have strong urges to engage in addictive behavior and you resist them. Part of the SMART program includes tools to cope with urges – below we’ve included an exercise that may help you [...]

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